AE Spectre


AE Spectre is the umbrella under which the many different personas of Aeren come together to put together a sound which has been described as "dark, moody, atmospheric, frantic yet calculated" among other things. AE Spectre has a sound that can't quite be pinned down to a single genre but does somewhat lean into the darkwave/post punk realm with many other elements like funk, alternative hip hop, and vintage rock thrown in as well. 

Something of a nomadic soul, Aeren tries not to stick around too long in the same place.

Sometimes Aeren just wants to not speak and will only express themselves through pure pantomime, other times they will shout at the top of their lungs into the void.

Longing to reach those disillusioned by the ugliness the worst of humankind continues to impose on us, AE Spectre only wishes to provide an escape from that.